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Traditionally, youth programs have focused on what’s “wrong.” They’ve been all about identifying what makes students do poorly in school and trying to prevent those factors or “fix” students once their problems start interfering with grades, attendance or other aspects of school performance. We’ve got a better way. Like more and more great youth programs today, Next Generation focuses on what’s “next” for young people. We encourage students to think beyond the limitations they may be facing in their lives today by giving them tools and resources to create something better for their future. Through the use of cutting edge technology, NxTG aims to increase our youths’ capacity to navigate the global community with 21st century skills. We developed our “E3 = [Experience x Engage x Empower]” formula to help us enhance their creativity and innovation, and to develop their communication and collaboration skills while providing a strong Digital Literacy foundation.

NxTG Snapshot

Who we are
Formerly known as the Dawson County Mentoring Program, we have a longstanding history of supporting the Dawson County community by working to provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to prevention.
What we do
Our mission is to develop positive and caring relationships between volunteers and students to enhance self image, teach personal responsibility and improve life choices so students are empowered to achieve personal and academic growth and to become respected citizens in their communities.
What we believe
We don’t focus on what’s “now” when it comes to youth…we focus on what’s next. We work to understand what helps students to be succesful – academically, emotionally and socially.

Family/Community Engagement

We host interactive family events monthly. Join us for Hack-A-Thons, Family Game Nights & Wi-Fi Wednesdays! 

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We operate one of only three prevention Clubhouses in Georgia! Kids spend time in a positive, supportive environment where “blue sky” thinking is encouraged.

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We continue to provide mentoring support to young people ages 18-24 who were previous NxTG students from the Clubhouse or Mentoring program.

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