Welcome to the Clubhouse!

Here, we will inspire youth to think beyond what’s now… to what’s NEXT.

The HuB

An innovative student-led manufacturing project-based learning initiative that incorporates 3D printing technology, workforce education & community service.


Curriculums in cutting-edge technology and computer science that include coding, robotics, circuitry and 3D printing.


Incorporation of Mindfulness Practices as a sustainable way to support youth and build resilience. Aims to assist youth with socio-emotional self-regulation via guided mediations, breathing exercises, neuroscience, self-compassion & empathy.

The NxTG Clubhouse

Located in Dawson County, Georgia!
  • One of three in Georgia, funded by DBHDD
  • Serving teens in 7th – 12th grades
  • Integration of established prevention curriculum with STEaM initiatives
  • Bridges the gap of the digital divide

Clubhouse Outcomes:

  • To increase youth’s personal self-management skills
  • To increase youth’s social skills & communication skills
  • To increase drug resistance
  • To increase youth’s social emotional competence
  • To increase youth’s sense of competency as learners

It’s all about EMPOWERING youth!

  • Education & Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Prevention
  • Outreach in Community
  • Workforce Education
  • Engagement with Family
  • Recreation & Activities

What does NxTG mean to our youth?

“I can see that NxtG has changed my life for the better.  It has pointed me onto the right path.  NxtG has always been here for me and I always want to be here for it as long as I possibly can.”
“I get the help I need involving personal stuff and stuff for college.”
“It is a way of teaching me the values of school, and personal issues that I can overcome.”
“It is a way to connect with people. Fun learning time. Yay!”
“It helps me talk about problems and have someone to listen to me.”
“Guidance…because you help us out a lot and I come here just to calm down and talk about things.”
“Next Gen helps me with my future.”