So what is Next Generation anyway?

We’re all about  positive youth development for Dawson County students! 

Who We Are

FKA the Dawson County Mentoring Program, we have a longstanding history of supporting the Dawson County community by working with local partners to provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to prevention.

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What We Do

Our mission is to be the catalyst for a community approach that supports the advancement of vulnerable youth via in-school mentoring, a prevention clubhouse and a post-secondary support initiative.

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Why We Do It

Next Generation Youth Development is passionate and committed to our belief that all youth have the right to equal access and opportunities to reach their full potential.

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Welcome to the NxTG Experience

It’s one of only three prevention clubhouses in Georgia!
  • Community Service
  • Health Education
  • G.U.I.D.E. Youth Leadership
  • Open House for families
  • Activities & Events calendar
  • Special projects (3D printing, the garden, arts & crafts)
  • Blue Corner
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