Next Generation: to the power of youth

E3 = Experience x Engage x Empower 

What We're About

We’re all about positive youth development for at-promise students. We’ve been working with vulnerable youth for 20 years.

What We Believe

 We don’t focus on what’s “now” when it comes to youth…we focus on what’s next. We work to understand what helps students to be successful – academically, emotionally and socially.

What We Do

We support students in a new, innovative way.  NxTG creates constructive settings and facilitates positive experiences for our youth.


Welcome to the NxTG Clubhouse!

Located in Dawson County, Georgia!
  • The Clubhouse is a teen “makerspace” that integrates an established prevention curriculum with STEaM for eligible youth in grades 7th-12th. It aims to increase youth’s capacity to navigate the global community with 21st century skills. NxTG Clubhouse helps youth to bridge the gap of the digital divide via hands-on experiences.
More about the Clubhouse!

The NxTG Experience

NxTG provides a wide range of diverse experiences for its Clubhouse members…from meditation to STEaM to cutting edge technology. We empower youth to be successful at home, in school and in their community. This is what a year in the life of a Clubhouse member looks like:
Our Vision
NxTG is a fun, exciting, supportive approach to youth development.
Our Mission
NxTG is the catalyst for a community approach that supports the advancement of vulnerable youth via a prevention clubhouse and a post-secondary support initiative.
Our Philosophy
E3 = [Experience x Engage x Empower]
We believe in the power of youth and their right to have equal access and opportunities to reach their full potential.
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Innovating Programs, Projects, Ideas
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Access to 21st Century Tech